Activer sFlow sur Arista 7150


sFlow is a technology embedded within the network generating technical traffic statistics. sFlow packets can be sent to an appliance for toubleshouting, reporting and capacity planning. Most of the solutions are able to exploit Netflow and sFlow. 


As the result of this quick description of sFlow, you will find below how to configure sFlow within an Arista 7150.

NOTE: when sFlow functions are activated, it is not possible to use the Arista 7150 in a "TAP aggregation mode".



7150S(config)#sflow ?

   destination             Set the collector IP address

   polling-interval         Set polling interval (secs) for sFlow

   run                         Run sFlow globally

   sample                   Set sample rate for sFlow

   source                    Set the source IP address

   source-interface       Configure the source interface for sFlow datagrams


7150S(config)#sflow destination

7150S(config)#sflow run

7150S(config)#show sflow interface

7150S(config-if-Et1-24)#show sflow interface


sFlow Interface (s):






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