TAPICS provides from France the best available support to its customers.

The standard warranty is two years.

Different kinds of contracts are available optionally to deliver on site services. These contracts are available at the term of the warranty period too.

You can contact the support at or your local vendor.


Optical balance



Tapics proposes services to make the optical balance of the architecture devised by our customers. This service delivery includes the study and the supply of a validation document for the validated TAP architecture within the network datacenter environment.



White Paper: Optical Balance

Loan evaluation equipment



Tapics loan its solutions during a period defined with the customer to validate the technical specifications. It's available for all TAP for Arista Network Packet Brokers.

Aggregation traffic matrix



Tapics is an Arista's partner. For the aggregation solution we delivered, we propose installation and configuration services.






example: configuration

procedure for 7150