Network Packet Brokers

Arista equipments for aggregation functions

To connect TAP within a datacenter, it could be necessary to aggregate the traffic.
To provide this functionality, tapics works with Arista. Arista is just behind Cisco in terms of market share for the datacenter switching.

Arista 7150 is a powerfull and competitive alternative to aggregate links from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps. The main functionalities are expecially :


  • aggregation, replication and traffic capture without interfering production traffic

  • capabilities to implement filtering rules and time stamping functions in real time

  • copy of the application layer to the monitoring tools

  • congestion detection and microburst and generation of SNMP alarms

  • EOS (Open Api & Linux extensibility) delivered with each equipment

  • TSDA, the software developed by Tapics embedded within the 7150 EOS. TSDA is used to calculate the optical balance in real time for all the interfaces depending of the optical attenuation generated by the TAP and the loss of power generated by the fibers