Copper TAP range

Gamme TAP cuivre jusque 8 liens giga full-duplex

copper TAP 10/100/1000

Tapics copper TAP are in accordance with the technical and econmical needs as we identified it within this market. Copper tapics TAP are available from the single box for one full-duplex link box with a single power supply to the models for 4 or 8 full-duplex links (with a copper or optical monitoring port up to 10 Gbps) . Redundant power supplies for each model are available too.


Most common model installed within the monitoring architecture

TAP,cuivre,8 liens,10,100,1000,Mega,Mbps
8 link 10/100/1000 copper TAP

8 ports full duplex avec restitution intégrale du trafic.  Compatible 802.3, 802.3af PoE et VoIP

Tap,splitter,10,100,1000,1 lien,cuivre,zero delay
1 link 10/100/1000 copper "zero delay" TAP

With the "zero delay" version, no packet is lost when power supply is down

TAP,cuivre,8 liens,10,100,1000,Mega,Mbps
4 link copper TAP - 10 Gbps optical monitoring port

4 full duplex links with integral trafic copy to 1 optical 10 Gbps port to avec restitution intégrale du trafic sur sortie fibre 10 Gbps pour s'assurer de l'intégralité du flux mirroré sur les liens chargés